Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Imperial Judgement: Police, Politicians and Corporation Convicted

Christ the Movie Producer

Form 3 No ____________
Vancouver Registry


James Sterritt, as Kitsilano, on behalf of Jesus Christ,
and all Indians in the Province of British Columbia

VPD Cst. Ian Mayne, Mr. Matt Meehan, Concord Pacific,
Her Majesty the Queen in Right of British Columbia, and
The City of Vancouver


1. Petitioner is Indian by the Indian Act of Canada, Status Number 5310082201,
was born in the Province of British Columbia in 1943, on Kitanmaax Indian Reservation Lands, only son of Alma Sterritt and Tsalmoikit Haaxw, who was then Charles Sterritt.

2. Alma is the mother foretold in Isaiah 7, verse 14, who “will conceive and bear the young ‘Yel’th’ who will be known as Emanuel, or Strong God With Us.” Petitioner accordingly “has prevailed to open the seven seals” of Revelation 5, and is the Prince who knows how to tell “what is evil from what is good”. This Petition is effectively a judgement.

3. Haaxw is the second named Plaintiff in the case of Delgamuukw et al, v. R. but did not enter that Court, sending representation with Delgamuukw. As a title, Haaxw comes down from Genesis 22, vss 17-18, meaning the same as Abram: Son of Suffering.

4. Wilpse Haaxw is the House of Haaxw, according to the Delgamuukw evidence.

5. The Village, and House of Haaxw, known as Tscin Haaxw by Vancouver Indians, is owned by Petitioner; Tscin means the same as Wilpse, or House, in the Salishan languages.

6. The Village of Tscin Haaxw and all the land around it belong to Kitsilano, who is the natural Chief of the Village and of the People, who live and reside at Tscin Haaxw. The City of Vancouver, BC, Canada, also belongs to Petitioner, by further right. Right of a Christian Prince to be undisturbed by the Hudson’s Bay Company survives to the present, so Petitioner inherits all as Christian Prince, without needing the right enshrined in Section 35(1).
7. As only son of Haaxw and the Alma, Petitioner is heir of the title Kitsilano, and therefore owns the land in and around the Village of Tscin Haaxw, and as he is owner of the Villages of Wilpse Haaxw, as well as being the Prince of all the Indians in the Province of British Columbia, Petitioner is the highest entitled Indian in the World, and owns the Province of British Columbia.

8. The title Kitsilano has equivalent probate meaning, to the title of Jesus Christ, so Jesus Christ is Kitsilano and Kitsilano is Petitioner. This arises because the Spirit, and the competence, and the powers of Jesus Christ and of Kitsilano, are resolved in Petitioner’s legal personality. These claims are consistent with Section 35(1) CCAct 1982, and are recognized and affirmed by that Section of law, requiring all Respondents to recognize and affirm him, while they consult with Petitioner and negotiate specific terms of their relationship with Petitioner on his land.

9. Petitioner has given due notice of his claims of Indian ownership of the Province of BC., ever since 1974, doing so in a series of Proclamations and Petitions and in other suits and defences in the courts. Petitioner holds his land without resort to any force or requiring further devices than the law; this is the legal definition of peaceable possession, which class of possession the Respondents cannot claim.
(see: Born With A Tooth v. R.)

10. Petitioner’s claims of ownership of his Villages, and his claim of right in all the land in the Province of British Columbia, are hereby made to Her Majesty the Queen, in right of the Province of BC., and to the Mayor and Council of the City of Vancouver, and to Mr. Matt Meehan of Concord Pacific, and to Concord Pacific, and to Constable Ian Mayne, as to the Vancouver City Police.

11. Petitioner also claims against all Respondents for the damages and pain and suffering caused by their conspiracy to defeat Petitioner’s claims by either killing or seriously injuring, or causing him to be imprisoned or held in an Asylum for the mentally ill. Car 87 visited Petitioner in company of Cst Mayne, fulfilling the imagery of the four beasts.

12. Petitioner also seeks punitive damages against all Respondents, in the court’s discretion.

13. Petitioner also claims a nominal amount of money for loss of benefit of his rights in the lands here claimed, over the years since the Province of BC and the City of Vancouver, and the Village of Hazelton BC., were established, and Petitioner’s Title to the land was displaced by that establishment. In the court’s discretion.

14. Petitioner is presently caused by ongoing vendetta and by the conspiracies here continued against him, in the order not to contact, to reside at 350 Keefer, on property of BC Housing, under the same claim of right he sets out in this Petition, against BC Housing, meaning without the said constitutional recognition and affirmation owed to him by Ms. Eliza Li of BC Housing, and owed him by BC Housing, and owed him by all the other Respondents in this case, except for Mr. Meehan and Concord Pacific. This case will also resolve that issue and influence others. Petitioner emerges from decades of probation terms related to Kitanmaax and intends to Potlatch there as soon as feasible.


15. On 12.2.2010, along with Yaku Gwala Gulis, another Hereditary Indian Chief, Petitioner took peaceable possession of a large vacant lot of land on Hastings Street, in the City of Vancouver, located between #30 West Hastings and #74 West Hastings, where a large body of people were, and some still are assembled, sponsored by the Vancouver City Police, and the evil Carnegie Clique, purporting to protest the Olympics and other poverty issues. The scenario follows the same pattern revealed when Willie Picton was arrested and convicted for murdering many dozens of poor women off the streets of Vancouver; the same cartel of underworld people and Police, with active support and direction of the Carnegie Clique, controls the Poverty Industry in the Downtown Eastside slums of Vancouver; is willing to murder in order to retain their control of this area. Petitioner can describe this murderous group and how it operates in selecting who will be scape-goated, and who killed; this plot has roots in the hometowns of eventual victims, and the Police do direct and support these evil underworld denizens, who also stem from the hometowns of their victims. (The term evil is appropriate to the criminal intent).

16. Petitioner made a study of the working of the Clique after arriving back in his Village of Tscin Haaxw in 2003, and can recite numerous instances proving these allegations (He offers to provide further proof to Inspector John Dehaas, VPD).

17. Petitioner notified the unlawful occupants, and the owners of the property on Hastings Street, that he had an Aboriginal Right of ownership of the specific land and was advancing his rights by actively possessing the land, as against the City of Vancouver and against Concord Pacific, and thereby against Canada and the Province of BC. Petitioner simultaneously voiced and asserted the inheritance of Jesus Christ, in that name, against all other claims of land right in the world.

18. Several occupants of the land openly and violently opposed Petitioner’s tenure until Petitioner met Mayor Robertson, who agreed to discuss Petitioner’s claims, until aides cut off contact with Petitioner before any due consultation took place.

19. Petitioner then met Concord Pacific employees at their office and provided verbal notice of his claims against Concord Pacific, requesting a contact name to engage in immediate consultation and necessary negotiations to resolve respective rights and claims of the lawful parties with claims to the land. Petitioner explained that Concord Pacific had liability for negligence, to him and others, on that lot of land by allowing the unlawful assembly to be there, without providing Police, or Petitioner, with anything in hand or writing indicating their position on the matter, in relation to Petitioner’s rights as an Indian on his own land. Petitioner has the company card with Meehan’s email address embossed by an employee.

20. Petitioner emailed immediately, seeking to engage in and complete consultation regarding Petitioner’s plans for the said land and for the rest of the land in the Province. ‘Meehan’ came to the lot with a Police Officer who blocked Petitioner from speaking to the man. Petitioner then immediately emailed Meehan, completely setting out Petitioner’s claim of right in the land.

21. Petitioner received no reply to any emails, so Petitioner wrote an inciting email to Meehan, bringing about the letter of warning served to him by Cst. Mayne and his partner. Petitioner cannot be bound by the Police letter since he possesses lawful authority to contact all of the Respondents, including Matt Meehan and Concord Pacific. This Petition seeks relief from the letter.

22. Respondents are responsible for Petitioner’s injuries in the circumstances and liable to be charged, convicted and punished for Conspiracy to injure, for Conspiracy to Murder, and for the injuries and the other harm suffered by Petitioner on the property as the direct result of Respondent’s Conspiracy. It is a primary principle of the common law that all landholdings be kept safe and peaceful but these Respondents breached their duty to Petitioner by acting to increase danger to Petitioner, causing the injuries and pain suffered by Petitioner.

23. Cst. Ian Mayne of the Vancouver City Police served Petitioner with a form letter ordering Petitioner to “not contact Meehan or Concord Pacific”, on threat of being “arrested and charged with Criminal Harassment”. (Exhibit 1)
24. While Petitioner was residing on the Hastings Street land, numerous other officers of Vancouver City Police contacted him, threatening injury to Petitioner, and threatening arrest for disturbing other occupants of the same land; Police told Petitioner to “not keep saying he owned the land.” Petitioner was assaulted and injured by certain other occupants and visitors to the land, in sight of Police and on Camera. The Vancouver Police demonstrated their control of the assaults and continually increased the attacks on Petitioner, until Petitioner was finally subjected to the attempt to murder him, which caused him to suffer a broken rib by a thrown brick, and be hit on the back with a heavy chain and padlock, and to be punched in his jaw, and to be hit twice by a thrown nazi-style metal helmet. Petitioner saw a Doctor for these injuries and still suffers pain. The broken rib causes severe pain at night, and when coughing.

25. Petitioner quit residing on the land when Cst. Mayne served the letter of warning, which letter forms the evidentiary centerpiece of this Petition.

26. Yaku Gwala Galis (John Walkus) still resides on the land in alliance with, and in support of, Petitioner. He also has rights in the same land as well as in the rest of the Province by virtue of his active membership in the Potlatch culture.
(see JWalkus Affidavit)

27. A corps of three or four evil individuals hold the land where they verbally attack Petitioner whenever he enters or nears, and each time Petitioner enters the lot, a new person emerges from the group and threatens, and makes strenuous attempts, to assault him. The last time Petitioner entered the land, the City had several Ambulances standing by, in some kind of show that Petitioner was not entitled to claim or own the land, while the Police made it apparent to Petitioner that they would arrest him if any disturbance occurred involving Petitioner. Petitioner has managed to avoid further injury, and was never arrested. Petitioner followed one of his assailants, and noticed he was making himself available for an assault, indicating that the Police were baiting Petitioner. On the 15th of March the Police again had 3 vehicles adjacent to the site while the mob repeated their barrage of insults, accusations and threats of serious injury. This apparent catch-22 binds on the Police conduct, not on Petitioner, and is prima facie, criminal.

28. All these actions were attended and observed by known proponents of Social Housing, and proponents of other Downtown Eastside agendas, who openly as well as covertly, oppose Petitioner in his claims and rights. Petitioner senses that these individuals position themselves in such a way as to be covered by snipers concealed in the surrounding buildings; one of the Carnegie agents directs Petitioner’s attention to a specific window where he says an old friend of ‘his’ has lived for 5 years, and can be discerned by an aware person. This is verifiable.

29. Petitioner recognizes that the same kind of Police/underworld/Carnegie killing Conspiracy has been in play in the DTES for many years, and was in play during the atrocities blamed on multi-murderer Willie Picton. This cartel controls life and death down here and clearly feels entitled to determine who fed pigs at Picton’s farm, and that group heads up the conspiracy against Petitioner.

30. Petitioner is convinced this Police/Carnegie cartel views itself as a kind of group warlord on these streets, and that they planned and expected to kill Petitioner. This evil marks the governing regime of the City and of the Province, as fascist and extremely evil. These actions disqualify the governments morally and legally.

31. Petitioner has immediate remedy for this evil.


32. Petitioner seeks an order directed to all Respondents requiring them to comply with Section 35(1) CCAct 1982, by recognizing and affirming Petitioner’s Titles to the lands described and claimed in this Petition, and requiring them to consult lawfully with Petitioner and to negotiate with Petitioner according to Petitioner’s Paramount Title and right of ownership of all land in the Province of BC, including all lands held, or owned, or otherwise possessed by Concord Pacific, and including all land held or owned or otherwise possessed by Matt Meehan, and including all land held or owned or otherwise possessed by Cst. Ian Mayne, as well as all land held or owned or otherwise possessed by Premier Gorden Campbell. As well as all Crown land in the Province, excluding no lands.

33. Petitioner seeks a declaration of his Imperial claim as Jesus Christ, made here by Jesus Christ in and through Petitioner. Petitioner claims the throne and Crown of that right. Petitioner’s claim neither impedes nor negates any lawful possession or holding of property in land, while increasing possession of lands of all Indians in BC., and of the rightful holders of land under the Land Titles Act.

34. Petitioner seeks an order directed to Respondents requiring them to have the Kitsilano Indian Band entered in the box on their Certificates of Title as is already available for that purpose, titled “Indian Band.”

35. Petitioner seeks an order directed to all Respondents requiring them to pay to Petitioner an amount of money in settlement of the injuries and the pain and suffering caused to Petitioner by their negligence, and by their criminal conspiracies against Petitioner, which harm would not have resulted had Respondents taken due notice of Petitioner’s claims and rights and beliefs.

36. Petitioner seeks an order that the amount of $100,000.00 or more be paid to him for the injuries and pain and the suffering inflicted on him by Respondents’ conspiracy. The final amount to include punitive damages. The court should determine the amount to be paid to Petitioner by each Respondent.

37. Petitioner seeks a declaration by the court that the Title of Kitsilano is Paramount in the Province, on its own merit and by virtue of being equivalent to the Imperial title of the Lord Jesus Christ.

38. Petitioner seeks an immediate order setting aside the Letter of Cst. Ian Mayne, on grounds that Petitioner’s rights are blocked by that letter, and on the grounds that Petitioner has a very strong claim in the said land and against said Respondents. The letter is a refusal to comply with the Constitution of Canada, and interferes with Petitioner’s right to be consulted by Respondents on these claims.

39. Petitioner seeks declarations that Respondents take instruction from Petitioner on the ability to distinguish good from evil. The mind follows a story, correct the story and the mind follows. The story the Universe tells has a Cross concealed within itself so deep that all time and space, and atomic structure, repeat the model of the cross; this truth is what the light revealed in Egypt beginning the trek to the Promised Land. The Cross is designed in all flesh, empowering, crucifying, mystifying humankind; only the story of Jesus Christ leads the way forward.


40. Petitioner has the right under Section 35(1) CCAct 1982, to be recognized in his Title and rights in the said lots of land on Hastings Street, and to have his Title affirmed by being entered on all the Certificates of Title that are presently registered in the Land Titles Registry of British Columbia, and following settlement with Petitioner of the rights and claims of the Respondents, and of all other land holders in the Province of BC, Petitioner is entitled to enjoy the benefits due him as owner of the lands, and Petitioner is entitled to engage in governing all the claimed lands. Petitioner is entitled to that very recognition and affirmation by Respondents, formally in writing, and by immediate action, in respect of his rights in the entire Province of British Columbia.

41. Petitioner is entitled to, and does act on his own behalf as well as on behalf of all Indians in the Province of BC. Petitioner specifically acts on behalf of Yaku Gwala Galis. Petitioner also acts on behalf of the Greater House of Haaxw, as well as on behalf of all descendants and relatives of August Jack. Petitioner acts on behalf of all Indians in BC, and on behalf of the interests of all the landholders in the Province of BC.

42. Petitioner’s acts of ownership have the high utility when resolved with the existing rights and titles of others, of producing a complete safe-holding and marketable title to all the land in the Province of BC. No such safe holding exists at present, causing the governments to have to resort to the very violence and conspiracies they demonstrate against Petitioner in this case and against others in other more notorious but equally quenched, cases.

43. By joining Petitioner in his rights, all of the holders of Certificates of Title to land in the Province, acquire full benefit of the Indian right in their lands, and by being joined to the global title of the Lord Jesus Christ, all people acquire a further real interest in, and a power over, all the land in the rest of the World. Thus this involves the prophecy of the promised land.

44. The utility of these developments is that all present landholders in the Province of BC come to participate in matters of Provincial and Global Ecology and in the Economics of production around the world, which increases the level of control and certainty available to them in contrast to what is presently the case under the multi-national and Popular Political systems of the Nations. The attraction for citizens of our Province will be the same for all people in the world, who will be eager to join our model of land holding by adopting the Constitution of Canada.


45. Petitioner’s land claim is equivalent to the claim made by, and attributed to Jesus Christ in the Gospels. Therefore, Kitsilano is Jesus Christ and Jesus Christ is Kitsilano. The title of Jesus Christ brings the global right of land ownership to Kitsilano, while Kitsilano brings the right of ownership of the Indian Title in the Province of BC, to Jesus Christ. Petitioner is heir of both titles.

46. The right in land that belongs to Jesus Christ is not specifically claimed against these Respondents, per se, except as contained in the title Kitsilano. The right of Jesus Christ in the world is important to world order and to social reconciliation with various confused sects and religious bodies, including Muslims who expect their Imam Mahdi to presently achieve what this Petition does. Petitioner imposes no belief on anyone and only refers to Islam or Christianity to explain more of the global logic of his Provincial claims, making them Imperial in law. Petitioner has opened the seven seals on the ancient truth of life, first discovered in Egypt, which is the basis for people’s belief in Heaven and a higher Power.

47. Petitioner can explain this truth within a half-hour, based on the 24-hour clock; the evidence proves the existence of the three minds, said by Catholics to be the Holy Trinity. The Cross comes into play in the conclusion as in Petitioner’s signature: vV^Vv.

48. Kitsilano’s full title is as old as the arrival of the Spanish in 1774. The prefix kits comes from the Khitan, or Kitksan, on the Upper Skeena, while the suffix lano, is Spanish for wool, referencing the blanket monopoly. The wholly southern Chief, Capilano, got his title by claiming to be the rightfully entitled true holder of that right; Cap translates as the true. The ‘blanket’ aspect of these Titles became a bad thing when the Euro indoctrinated blankets with Smallpox, causing the plagues.

49. The Title Kitsilano is composed of Kits, and Sel, both common on the Skeena River and outer coasts, including in the name of the Haida Village of Skidekit (Skidegate), as well as in the title of Kitamaat, the KwaKwakwala Village on the far North Coast. The term derives directly from the same sources as the term Christ, with the same meaning. The Title KitSel, could only came to BC after the Liao-Khitan, had altered that Tribes cultural policies of inheritance to suit Yelu Apoachi, enabling him to successfully unite the Mongols in the Maternal and Paternal lines, and then conquer China and mount the Imperial throne.

50. The term KitSel would have reached Kitanmaax around 1233 A.D. when the Imperial Family of Yelu Khitan migrated out of Asia, eluding Genghis Khan by following a carefully planned escape down the Yellow River, overland to the Liao Peninsula, and then by Treasure Ships to the estuary of the Skeena River. The Imperial Family then took permanent refuge in the Canyons of the Rivers of British Columbia, dispatching the Apache around 1300 AD, to the far southern perimeter of the Dene Speaking peoples already present in America.
51. The Haida Imperial Family settled on Haida Gwaii, called WatchMen, merging with existing Marine Tribes on the Coat Islands, related to both the Inuit and the Nootka tribes. The Coast in those times was a complete archepeligo, due to lower water levels.The present spatial arrangement of the KitSel’th, within the same tribes here in America, as were contingent in Asia, displays anticipation of the Wolf the Runs Like A Man, seeking to kill the Princesses and Princes. The family consciously inhabited the perfect fortress.

52. The Yelu Khitan Family emerged out of the Liao River Valley around 900 AD., extracting tribute of 100,000 Bolts of Silk and 100,000 Ingots of Silver from China for 200 years, and then conquering China, joining official lists of Chinese Imperial Dynasties. Around 1127 the Golden Jurchens drove the Yelu Khitan off the Imperial throne of China, who then set themselves up as Kara Khitai Kingdom on the Silk Road, West of China. When Genghis Khan arose, with his Hordes seeking to completely wipe out the Khitan and Haida Imperial Families, the three Families took refuge in Chung-Hsing, on the Yellow River for 18 years, along with the Dene Royal Family, before finally escaping Genghis Khan by shipping to Kitanmaax, KitAmHaaxw, at the junction of the Skeena and Bulkley Rivers around 1233 AD. (see Ethel G. Stewart)

53. The Yelu Khitan came to be known as Kitksan at the head of the Skeena, and the Kitksan are the Indians who prove in Delgamuukw, that Aboriginal title amounts to ownership of land in Fee Simple. Fee Simple is subject to Aboriginal Title. (see Vickers J. in Tsilhqot’in)

54. When the court was hearing evidence in Delgamuukw, Haaxw did not enter the court but allowed the Lesser House of Haaxw to be represented by the junior House of Delgamuukw, as Albert Tait. The Adaawk recited here is unknown to the Lesser Wilpse, or by any present holder of the title who lives in the North. The story has been told to Petitioner from the time of his birth, until taking his due possession of it.

55. Some modern Kitksan, including the Imperial Family of Haaxw, trace lineages to Eden through the flood, and Temlaham, a devolved reference to Bethlehem. This belief derives from the history of the Triplex Imperial Family of Yelu Apoachi, or the kgelat’l, but taken up and distorted by junior claimants among the Kitksan, whose lineage isn’t connected to the Imperial Patriarchy or to the Imperial Matriarchy. None of these pretenders possesses the information set out here.

56. Petitioner as Kitsilano, only Son of the Greater House of Haaxw, and of the Alma, has had the true history revealed to him by Heaven and Earth, on Haida Gwaii, and as far up the River as Kisgagaas, then to the Fraser and that history builds into the Great Nation of Ishmael, absorbing all other Nations, including Canada, into a single global Band of Peoples. This resolves Petitioner to Muslims, ending all Jihad. This seriously important utility is another reason why the court must use its legal discretion to ensure Petitioner’s widest possible recognition and affirmation.
57. The Kitksan still speak the original language of the Garden of Eden, proved, prima facie, by the term tsalm, now commonly misspelled tsim, that is the word in the Bible at Genesis 1.v.27, given as “the shadow of the image of God.” The word is spelled ts’lm, in Aramaic/Hebrew. Petitioner can show many other words in English that derive from the original language of Eden, that have the same meaning in Kitksan as in English: eg. Health – derived from Hal’th, but means more than physical health. In Kitksan hal’th is the way of truth, while deviance must be corrected by a contest between the Hal’thlayet(Shaman) and the Hal’thdowkit (the Witch Doctor). Halelujah also stems from the root hal’th.

58. The concept of Good and Evil derives from three terms: hal’th, yel’th, and sel’th. Yel’th can be seen in the name and title of Yelu, hence liars are punned as ‘yel’th. Sel’th can be found in the term Salish, but is used more accurately in Wilpse Haaxw, to identify who holds paramount sovereignty, as in LaxSel’th. Potlatch measures Sovereignty according to one’s capacity and competence to feed the People, and therefore, ownership of the land has ecological parameters that determined the ability to feed people. Hence ownership of the LaxSel, or the Fishing Platforms, in the canyons is true sovereignty.

Another explanation of evil is its source in the Infinite Mind of the Void, relative to our Earthly and Heavenly Minds, the first the source, the second the reservoir of good.

59. The people around the Fraser River mouth known as Salish refer to the right of fishing in the Canyons as LaxYel, or LaxSel. Both terms describe who owns the fishing platform, be it Yelu’s family, or fishermen serving Yelu.

60. Hagwilget (sic) canyon on the Bulkley River at Kitanmaax/Hazelton is named for Haaxw-Wilpse-People, in a very ancient definition. The definition got confused after other Indians came into the picture, Dene or Haida, differentiated from the senior Tribe of the LaxSel as Wolf and Killer Whale (Fireweed) Tribes. The suffix Sel is now translated in Tsalmsian/Kitksan as Raven, or Frog, but it is the word referenced in calling Fraser People Salish. Haaxw is as much a Fraser River Title as a Skeena River Title, while Kitsilano inherits the familiar Son of All Three Heavens, first referenced in Imperial China. The primacy of Yel’th is self-evident to Hebrews and Muslims, veiled from Christians, and operative in this Petition, to confirm Petitioner’s higher claims; Allah, El, and Yel’th all stem from that matrix.

61. The first Kitsilano was the son of a southern LaxYel male, and the princess of the northern House of Haaxw. The Southern family was forced into decline, with the female line unable to maintain its natural economic and social politics following imposition of the Colony. The demise of the family’s claim in the South resulted from outlawing Potlatch.

62. The final point about titles is they are fundamental to order in any society.


57. There are 3 peoples in the world, the lineal descendants of the 3 sons of Noah, who are reprised in the 3 Magi or Wise Men. The first People are the Blacks, whose Royal Family provides the Matriarchy side of the Imperial Family, now known as Haida, and living in Skidegate. The term Kgelatl figures in how Potlatch relates to the three tribes.

58. The second People are Dene Caucasians out of Stonehenge, and the third People are Mongol Asians. These three first merged in Egypt 6000 years ago, and merged again at the Birth of the Lord Jesus. This Petition declares the third and final convergence of the Original Family of Eden, as the heavenly family.

63. Stonehenge People developed the law of property out of the enclosures of the giant stones, creating the principles of boundaries and ownership and inclusion and exclusion. The Eastern tribes of the Americas are from Stonehenge, as are Dene who also migrated from the west out of Chung-Hsing, and border Hagwilget on the Eastern side of the canyon at Kitanmaax/Hazelton BC, ranging to Mexico, in the Apache and Navaho, to the Arctic Circle and to Hudson’s Bay. These are the three Peoples of the World and Petitioner is related to, and intimate with the Royalty of all three Families.

64. The Haida Imperial Family became submerged in older Marine NorthWest Coast Peoples on Haida Gwaii, the way Euro become Canadians by coming to reside here. The true Haida Royalty are Black, and not all of that family resides on Haida Gwaii. Petitioner married into the true Haida Family and has a Grand daughter and a Grand son who are his heirs. They also inherit Africa, which is beyond Petitioner’s immediate claim, as is Haida Gwaii. The entire inheritance of the Covenanted Promised to the Lord Jesus Christ, is realized in the Haida Kuba Wilpses (Princess and Prince), Vanessa Jean and Dotz. Petitioner acts on their behalves.

65. Egyptians proved the existence of Heaven by measuring the light and creating the concepts of time and space. The significant role in history of the Cross is derived from these Egyptian measurements. The power of prophecy is based on the distinct existence of the three Minds, the Infinite, the Heavenly and the Earthly (the Holy Trinity). Petitioner is able to demonstrate how the 24-hour clock proves that Mind precedes matter, and that words are the actual powers that created and still control the Universe. Euro science is not correct because its reasoning begins at the point of first existence of matter, rather than the point of emergence of the Earthly Mind from the void of Infinity. The Heavenly Mind is the eventual and ultimate product of the calculations of the Earthly Mind based on the Infinite Mind. These Minds determine the degree of good and evil in the world and their ratio.

66. Modernity is far from knowing or understanding the truth of reality, a point made by Euro culture and education. Euro education does not teach what truth is, but attempts to explain why truth is unknown to Europeans. A hugely expensive education system is a fraud perpetrated on a Dominated Majority by the Dominant Minority. Petitioner is prepared to explain the true Science and initiate the new age of living that is possible within the complete truth.

67. Mongol People introduced the social and spiritual principles of living according to the Heavenly Mind, such as remembered about the Imperial City of Beijing. Yelu Apoachi developed the Earthly Mind according to the teaching of Jesus Christ. Petitioner is redeveloping and restoring the Earthly Mind in order to transcend the Euro tendency to resort to violence and force, rather than rely on rules of law.

68. Petitioner’s land claim is completed, de facto de jure, by being born exactly as Jesus Christ was, to the Alma, (means Maiden Hidden in Her Father’s House, not Virgin) without anyone knowing who his father was, until Petitioner himself proved his sonship to Haaxw. Haaxw means suffer. Wilpse Haaxw, or Tscin Haaxw, translates as House of Suffering, accurately describing the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver. The suffering and rampant evil of this area, and of the world in general, will be purged by restoring Petitioner’s Paramount sovereignty, and re-instituting Potlatch as ideal global system of government.

69. When Haaxw and Alma conceived Petitioner, they linked the two branches of the Heavenly Family, after separating thousands of years ago; Haaxw title came West to Kitanmaax, through Asia, while the Alma came through Europe, and across America from Newfoundland, to ‘Hazelton, one of the ‘lovely’ daughters of the Hudson’s Bay Company Factor. (see Isaiah 7, v 14: alma, elem, Immanuel)

70. Petitioner’s Indian land claim is bolstered in the Common Law by the Hudson’s Bay Company charter, which specifies that the Company may not enter the lands of any Christian Prince, such as Haaxw was, and Petitioner is.

71. Petitioner’s claim to own the entire Province of BC, personally, and as agent of all Indians in the Province, resolves the problem vainly sought to be solved by the Treaty process, in the one way that benefits Indians and others alike, increasing every person’s land tenure in their own land as well as in the entire world.

72. Petitioner’s claim of ownership of the lot of land on Hastings Street, is asserted by him in his personal right, but he asserts further as agent on behalf of all Indians in the Province, producing a new set of relationships among all of the people in the Province. This is the wedding of the children of Eden.

73. Petitioner’s claim restores Potlatch to governance of the Province. The institution of Potlatch was legislated against and penalties imposed in 1887, and permitted again in 1951, when Petitioner was 8 years old. Petitioner attended Potlatch as a child.

74. Potlatch takes its deep origin from the visit of Moses and the Elders up the Mountain when they ate with Jehovah. Government cannot accomplish peace without sharing food among those who will enjoy the peace. Food provides a bonding effect to human relations. Blood fed together is not easily shed. (see Exodus 5 vs 1)

75. Petitioner practised Potlatch while present on the lot of land here in issue, and was able to see how having fed some eventual attackers, they were unable to take part in direct attacks on him, but kept calling bullies from Police Rosters. This allegation follows careful reflection resulting in imposing the no compromise with evil policy the good must own.


76. By Section 35(1) CCAct 1982, all Respondents owe Petitioner due recognition and affirmation of his Titles and claims, and all Respondents owe him the duty to consult with on his rights of ownership of the land. All Respondents are obligated to be resolved to Petitioner’s Titles and claims, on Petitioner’s terms.

77. Requirement of reconciliation is the essence of Canada, and of Kitsilano’s claim. (see cases below)

78. Petitioner owes all Respondents, and all Indians, and all People, greater protection of their rights in land, than presently provided, and as Prince, Petitioner owes the People the best form of government of all their duties and interests, by inviting Potlatch.

79. Petitioner is competent to the tasks of protecting all such interests and of establishing a social regime of Peace and goodwill.

80. The following list of cases set out the duty to consult:

The cases made bold are important to this Petition:

1.Ahousaht First Nation v. Canada (Fisheries and Oceans), 2008 FCA 212 (CanLII) — 2008-06-12
2.Little Salmon/Carmacks First Nation v. Yukon (Minister of Energy, Mines and Resources), 2008 YKCA 13 (CanLII)— 2008-08-15
3.Native Council of Nova Scotia v. Canada (Attorney General), 2005 FC 1739 (CanLII) — 2005-12-22
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Para 107
Breach occurs when [anyone] has knowledge of the potential existence of the Aboriginal Title, and contemplates (or acts) adversely to that potential, …

59. The Land Title Act of BC allows for resolution of Petitioner’s Title and rights with the rights and interests of all Indians, and of all other People in the Province of BC.

60. Petitioner can and will on request, demonstrate the land holding model he intends to apply in the consultation process in which Respondents are required to participate.

61. Each landholder enters terms of relationship with Petitioner, following the consultation process, and those terms cross-reference an Indian Band Number inserted in their respective Certificates of Title. There will be general terms that apply to all land holding in the Province, and can be particular terms that only apply to each land holding tenure.

62. Indians will be granted and sold land and land rights, according to a process produced and regulated in Potlatch; Petitioner will superintend this process and share the lands needed by this process out of Petitioner’s ownership rights in the entire Province. This model and the process are based on the fact that all the Indian People in the Province have common roots in the Fraser Salishan Peoples, who are ancestral to all of the Indian Peoples of North and South America. Kitsilano is the highest title in the Almericas.


63. All sales of lands in the Province are made subject to the duty to consult with every Indian, and the particular Indians living most adjacent to any land offered for sale or in Probate. This would be the identity in the box marked “Indian Band”. The object is to ensure to Indian descendants of the earliest owners of the Province ways and means to regain equitable possession of lands in their Province. They were disadvantaged in this regard by the Potlatch Abolition and by the inherent and tactical violence of the Euro, including the violence committed in the Residential School systems. All pronounced by the violence in this case.

64. The principles of High Natural Ecology of the land and of the communities precede economic development, and no development can be made to continue which impacts any Provincial and World Ecology negatively. The goal of the world community going forward preserves the most natural order of Ecology possible.

65. All members of Potlatch share equal right with Petitioner.


R v Sterritt; Fisheries cases, and other invented convictions.

Delgamuukw and Haaxw v R

Tsilhqotin v R
Fee Simple Land subject to Aboriginal Title

Regina v. Sinclair [1978]6 WWR 78

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Peaceable Possession

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Signed the 14th day of March, 2010,
At Tscin Haaxw, or Vancouver, BC.
By ____hard copy signed______________
by Jesus Christ, who is Kitsilano,
Who is James Sterritt.
Address of Delivery of the Prince

608-350 Keefer Street, the ‘Eagle’s balcony’
Tscin Haaxw, V6A1Y2
604 255 2590

This Statement is emailed to
INSPECTOR JOHN DeHAAS; john.dehaas@vpd.ca
Special request to have a copy printed for Petitioner to pick up on calling the VPD.
Signed as read by _____________________________

Dear Sir:

Thanks for the opportunity to present a single coherent explanation of everything, including the Petition.

I will come by around Noon to pick up an initialled copy, empowering the document with the law it claims.

Constable Ian Mayne can meet me at the Hasting Site, continue with me to Concord Pacific, and let justice and equity prevail from there.

I have media interest in the eventual demise, sad term, of the land.



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